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Vegan Workshop

  • Appetizer: “dakos” 

  • Salad: Boiled greens, zucchini and potatos

  • Main dish: ”mousaka”

  • Cretan Dessert




-->Tzatziki: It is probably the most famous Greek dip. It is made of Greek yogurt, cucumber and garlic.

-->Greek Salad or “Choriatiki”: It is a salad made of all the summer veggies like tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, glistrida, olives and feta or myzithra cheese.

-->Mousaka: The famous Greek recipe made for vegans. It consists of fried eggplants and potatoes, sauce and “besamel”: a cream made of potatoes, plant based milk, olive oil and flour, baked in the oven.

-->Dessert: Our treat.

After the workshop, we sit around the table to eat and bond.

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