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Who we are


About Us

   We are two friends, mums, passionate cooks, and authentic food lovers.

   We were born and raised in Chania and we still live here with our families. We believe that cooking creates emotions that are happily shared with our guests, giving an unforgettable memory of Crete!

   We were taught by our mothers and grandmothers to cook genuinely, not to waste anything in the kitchen, respect the seasons and make dishes that delight and refresh both the body and spirit. Being informed for all new culinary trends, we try to blend traditional cooking with the notion of well-being and healthy eating. Vegetarian and vegan culture is really into the Cretan diet, as meat was scarce even 50 years ago and the whole diet was mainly based on what the soil provided when cultivated (vegetables, fruit, cereal etc) or wild (green, herbs and nuts). We only use natural and seasonal ingredients which are collected from the local markets “open flea markets”, and orchards, from producers that we know and trust . Every special need you may have, can be met and respected, such as gluten or lactose free meals. The cooking classes for our guests are not just a recipe to bring home: they are an attempt to renew the concept of getting-together explaining and experiencing the real Cretan taste and flavors of tradition.

   We are extremely grateful for being able to welcome you as our guests and hope to make you feel at home even in a faraway country.

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