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½ glass of olive oil

1 glass of sugar

100 gr. yoghurt

3 eggs

vanilla extract

120 gr. baking powder

¼ kilo self raising flour

½ kilo regular flour


1 kilo of anthotyros cheese (white cheese, fresh not salty)

½ cup of honey

1 egg


1 egg




We mix all the ingredients for the dough and make a soft dough. We put it aside for an hour.

We mix the ingredients of the filling very well and put it aside. Maybe we warm the honey a little (always under 40 degrees) in bain mari, so it will be easier to mix.

We open the dough with a rolling pin and we cut small circles of 10 centimeters diameter each. We prepare two oven pans with baking paper on top. We take a teaspoon of the filling mixture and place it in the middle of each circle. Then we carefully pinch the edges all around so that the filling is surrounded and protected from leaks (it takes about 8 pinches in each pie, but you have to experiment a little). We place the pie in the pan and continue making all the pies, placing them with a little space in between.  When we finish with our pies, we scramble one egg with a tablespoon of water and spread it over each pie. On top of

υλικα για λυχναράκια.JPG

3 cups


3 cups


1½ cups


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