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kilo of quinces
1 kilo sugar
1,5 cup of water
juice from 1 and a half lemon
“Arbaroriza” or cinammon
20 whitened and slightly roasted




 We wash thoroughly the quinces and peel them. We remove the seeds and the internal thick part.  We cut the fruit in thin sticks as matches. We place them in a pot with water and the juice of one lemon until we cut them all, so as not to ruin their color.
We strain the quinces and put them in a pan with the water and the cinnamon (or “arbaroriza”) and boil until softened but not melted. We add the sugar and leave to boil until set. In order to be sure that it is ok, we perform the following test: we put a teaspoon of the sauce from the pan in a small plate and leave it for two minutes to cool. We place our finger from the middle of the quantity of sauce and split it in two. If it takes some time to reunite, it is set. If it reunites immediately, we boil it some more time. We add the juice of half a lemon and give it a final boil.
We remove from heat and add the almonds and we immediately fill the clean jars in which we will store the sweet, we close them – not tightly – and turn them upside down so that the air gets out. As soon as they are completely cool, we turn them neatly and close them firmly.

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